Our Story!

Inspired by the Sanskrit word “अनुत्तर”, meaning 'the best', we strive to create the finest products made with unsurpassed quality.

The ANNUTRA team seeks to deliver value with each product that has a deeper meaning attached to it. It takes painstaking hours to create each piece which is first designed and then intricately hand crafted making each piece unique.

At ANNUTRA, we wish to reduce wastage and aim to effectively and efficiently use our resources, which is in line with our belief of 'slow and sustainable fashion'. As a result, we often make limited pieces of a design.

Even our packaging uses minimal plastic, with use of biodegradable hay and mdf boxes, as we are conscious of the environment. We endeavor to provide our authentic products in sustainable packaging. We are taking small steps to reduce our ecological footprint by reducing our plastic and non-biodegradable packaging.

In support of the Make in India regime, we have ensured that local artisans are involved who hand make each piece with love, care and arduous amounts of time.

Do order from us and support a small business, local craftsmen and join us in our journey to excellence.