Akoya Earrings

Inspired by the Sanskrit word “अनुत्तर”, meaning 'the best', we at ANNUTRA strive to create the finest products made with unsurpassed quality.

The term ‘Akoya’ is a Japanese word for natural or cultured pearls that come from the akoya-gai mollusk. The Akoya earrings by Annutra are our version of earrings using Baroque pearls with gold-plated brass.

This designer hoop earrings have a brass metal base and come with brass metal stoppers. Each Pearl stone is used in its natural form, as a result each earring will vary slightly from one another, however there is no compromise on quality of each stone. Baroque pearls are pearls with an irregular non-spherical shape.

For those who believe in the divine powers of atones. Pearls are known to instil a sense of positivity, courage and sensibility. It engages a wearer’s emotional quotient and is said to alleviate negativity. For this reason Pearls are often recommended to those seeking to control anger due to its stress-relieving properties.   

Pearl is the birthstone for those born in the month of June and is known to absorb the rays of the moon to brings peace, confidence, creativity and calmness to the wearer. In fact, Pearls are often gifted to stone of the Cancer and Gemini sun sign as it is considered their birthstone.

For those looking for exceptional jewellery, then too the Akoya earrings are an excellent choice, it goes with formal, casual wear or ethnic wear.

These earrings are one of our bestsellers mainly because of its unisex appeal, superb finish and wearability. 

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for yourself or someone else, Annutra should be your go to website to meet all your needs.

Even the packaging is so well thought out, each product is sent in a custom made Annutra box made of recyclable material. Before being wrapped in bubble, the products are kept in custom made Annutra khaki bags. The founder sends out personalised notes to each customer as a form of gratitude.

There is even the option of free gift wrapping, though the boxes are so pretty they can be gifted as is.

With free PAN India delivery, Annutra products are generally shipped within 48 hours of placing the order. For custom orders, customer often reach out to us on Instagram or via email or WhatsApp chat, where we understand the needs of each customer and provide the best of our services.

The Annutra website is easy to navigate and we have a wide variety of products to choose from and multiple payment options. The Annutra website always has offers for its customers, right from 10% off on the order to free products, to always be updated with the latest offers and discounts one must subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Instagram.

We at Annutra excel in client satisfaction, because of our products, quality, service and pricing. No other brand beats us or our product.

The ANNUTRA team seeks to deliver value with each product that has a deeper meaning attached to it. It takes painstaking hours to create each piece which is first designed and then intricately hand crafted making each piece unique.

The goal with each new product is to raise the bar on quality and value. The vision foreseen by our Founder is that of “slow and sustainable fashion,” that also aims to reduce waste and maximise resource efficiency, as a result, frequently only a handful a design are made. 

Like jewellery, Annutra is a way to enhance one’s exterior attractiveness by celebrating one’s inner beauty.